Terms and Conditions

The following articles are set out for a climate of harmony and transparency, while preserving the profits and benefits of BIO-WORLD distributors.

Before signing the bio-World registration form, knowledge of bio-world terms and conditions is indispensable to all distributors. Any changes and amendments will be brought to the attention of distributors by AD.

BIO-WORLD has two kinds of customers:

  • The first is potential and is named Distributor. He makes the purchase and sale of bio-world products while developing his network in order to make the most of bio-world products.
  • The 2nd is just a consumer of BIO-WORLD products to ensure its health.


The relationship between BIO-WORLD and its distributors

  1. The Distributor is buyer – seller, he must subscribe to BIO-WORLD against a lump sum of five thousand "5000" Cfa francs which entitles him to a membership card.
  2. The Distributor is free and organizes to work independently, but has the obligation to develop its network in order to make the maximum turnover.
  3. Any distributor must be a major and be at least 18 years old.


Rights and duties of BIO-WORLD

  1. BIO – WORLD the power to accept or reject any application for registration in the Distributors register.
  2. BIO-WORLD must require an invoice or receipt that carries its logo to any distributor who makes any purchase on its premises.
  3. BIO-WORLD is committed to periodically providing its distributors with information and training sessions on all its products as well as its compensation plan.

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