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A virtuous root

Publié le: 29/04/18

Turmeric is a very popular spice in recent years, and it is not especially for its sweet warm flavor or for its colouring properties giving a yellow color, but especially for its health effects. We hear everything and anything about it, so let’s see why consuming turmeric and how to use it best for your well-being!
What is it
Turmeric is a medicinal plant native to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar. Mainly used for over 4000 years in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is particularly appreciated for its medicinal properties that have been proven many times by scientific studies. It can cure no less than 600 diseases! Thus, the benefits of turmeric are no longer to be demonstrated and it would be a pity not to enjoy them. In this case, what is turmeric composed of and what are these real properties?
Components of turmeric
Turmeric is made up of,
• Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, which is no more than an excellent antioxidant
• Starch
• Curcuminoids (natural dye that gives this color so special to turmeric)
• Turmeric is also made of essential oil.
The more curcumin turmeric has, the more its virtues will be. However, the richness in curcumin depends on the quality of the base root. But beware, many of the extracts of turmeric sold in the trade have a very low rate of curcumin and therefore have virtually no medicinal properties.

The REELS richness of turmeric
Turmeric has so many virtues that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, its main properties are anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, depurative and protective.
• By regularly consuming turmeric you will greatly reduce the risk of lung, liver, colon, stomach and breast cancer. Turmeric can also decrease ulcers, chronic inflammations. It also has the ability to strengthen the entire immune system and can prevent certain diseases, bacteria or viruses. In many hospitals in India, Canada and the United States, turmeric is used for medicinal purposes for its anti-cancer properties.
• It can also treat inflammations of the intestine, it also acts on constipation, infectious diarrhea, digestive pain, gastroenteritis, food or drug poisoning… Other properties of turmeric, less known, is to contribute to the fight against diabetes, primarily by lowering the blood glucose. But in addition, animal studies have shown that it retards the onset and progression of cataracts due to the diabètechez of the subjects tested.
• Those who eat curry will have felt a certain awakening of the senses, especially if it is spicy! It turns out that curcumin is definitely good for intellectual abilities and that it would make a first-rate cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

How can we use turmeric
To begin with, it is important to ask a simple but essential question: which turmeric is good for your health? Turmeric beneficial for health is the variety of turmeric longa. To be more precise, it is the curcumin of turmeric longa which is beneficial for the body. For consumption we offer you the consumption in capsules. You can take it to BIO WORLD.
Any contraindications to taking turmeric?
• There is no overdose of turmeric, even at high doses, it is not toxic. However, although there are no categorical studies in this regard, precautions should be taken in the following cases:
• Turmeric may interact with certain medications. It could increase the effect of anticoagulants or anti-diabetic treatment.
• Turmeric is to be consumed with caution in case of gallbladder disorders. Even if it helps to regulate bile production, in the case of obstruction of the bile ducts (e.g. calculations), the taking of turmeric may aggravate the problem.
• It is often advisable, always precautionary, to consume too much turmeric for pregnant and lactating women.

Turmeric is truly a spice to the height of its reputation: the spice of long life! And this is just the beginning, the increasingly numerous studies continue to be carried out in the laboratory, increasingly approving what traditional medicine teaches us.
This article is not written to persuade to take turmeric all azimuth, but rather to clarify the claims on this spice, about which have often said anything. My ultimate advice will be not to consume it as a medicine, but to integrate it in your daily kitchen to enjoy its preventive virtues on a daily basis.

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