Bio Wum

12000 F CFA

- Assure l’atrophie du fibrome utérin - Ralentit la prolifération des cellules fibreuses - Assure la protection des dysplasies de l’utérus.

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Nutritional supplement preserved in a bottle of 60 capsules of 350mg 


Composed mainly of sterospermun, Kun thiamine, combretum cassia and certain Beninese medicinal plants. 

Pharmacological properties

Sterospermun is a powerful diuretic.

Kun thiamine Thiamine is actually known to help strengthen the body's ability to fight against stress. It would also reduce anxiety and depression and improve mood.

combretum cassia or 
 kinkéliba, It is known under the scientific name of Combretum micrathum. It has invigorating properties which makes it strongly recommended for the faster . It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-bacterial which accelerates the healing of wounds and fights against infectious diarrhoea. It also has choleretic and Cholagogue properties


Only women can use this product in the following cases: 

- Uterine fibroid or myoma 

- Ovarian Cyst 

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